DCMST School News

High School Second Semester Remote Schedule

The schedule for second semester has been adjusted to better support student learning and provide more live instruction.  This will also allow for a smooth transition to a hybrid schedule.  The remote schedule shown below will begin at the start of second semester (January 25th.)  Students will attend 6 live sessions each day.  

8:00-8:40 1st hour1st hour1st hour1st hour1st hour
8:45-9:252nd hour2nd hour2nd hour2nd hour2nd hour
9:40-10:203rd hour3rd hour3rd hour3rd hour3rd hour
10:25-11:054th hour4th hour4th hour4th hour4th hour
11:35-12:155th hour5th hour5th hour5th hour5th hour
12:20-1:006th hour6th hour6th hour6th hour6th hour
1:00-1:35Additional Teacher Planning Time 
1:40-2:55Student Work TimeLearning LabsStudent Work TimeLearning LabsPLC, PD, MTSS, Parent meetingsStudent Work TimeLearning LabsStudent Work TimeLearning Labs