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DCMST Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

Virtual Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th from 4pm-7:00pm. 

To schedule your conference, click the teacher’s name below to schedule your time with them in SignUpGenius. 

Nathan Barnett

Jennifer Gorsline

Fatme Khanafer

Kim Shawver

Eric Singley

Sali Yaldo

Mrs. McNamara will not be available on Tuesday, and therefore will have her conferences on Thursday, April 15th from 4-7 pm. Click the link below to schedule.

Cindy McNamara

You should receive an email confirmation from SignUpGenius that will contain the Zoom link as the “location”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teachers via email.

No Face-to-Face Classes April 6-9

As an added precaution as students and staff return from spring break, Dearborn Public Schools will return to school with virtual learning from April 6 to 9.

Students will still attend live class that week, but will not be face-to-face for instruction. Three days, April 6, 8 and 9, will be changed to synchronous, online learning. Wednesdays, including April 7, are already scheduled as synchronous, online learning for all students.

Friday March 19th Half Day Schedule

All DCMST classes will be synchronous online for the half-day this Friday due to the elementary bus schedule not allowing busses to transport students at the time needed. DCMST students that are on a B-day schedule will work from a designated place remotely during their DCMST classes. The schedule for classes that day is below.

  • March 19th- running 1-6 hours
    • 1st hour 8:00-8:25
    • 2nd hour 8:30-8:55
    • 3rd hour  9:00-9:25
    • Break      9:25-9:40
    • 4th hour  9:40-10:05
    • 5th hour  10:10-10:35
    • 6th hour  10:40-11:05

Parent Survey Request

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

DCMST is using this Parent Survey as a means to elicit your beliefs and opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. Your opinion is important to us, and we ask that you take the time to complete this form.  The online survey will be available from March 15-March 26 . In order to complete the survey, please click on this link:

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and your honest opinions are appreciated. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact your school principal. Thank you in advance for supporting our improvement efforts.

Your cooperation and support in completing the parent survey will be greatly appreciated. 


Dr. Winifred Green Mr. Oussama Baydoun

Principal Assistant Principal

Congratulations to the School Top-Scorers on the AMC test!

This year, for the first time, the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) was given online. 60 DCMST students participated (30 for the AMC 10 and 30 for the AMC 12). No students this year qualified for the AIME (part 2 of the competition), but we want to congratulate the top scorers from our school.

AMC 12 Score

Jad Habab 81.0

Glen Warren 78.0

Afif Jawad 70.5

AMC 10 Score

Latifa Mekled 67.5

Ali Anasri 61.5

Rawan Fakih 61.5

Adam Abduljabbar 61.5

Any other students that would like to know their score should contact Mrs. Gorsline.

Congratulations to the DCMST Science Fair Winners!

All students that take AP Research as an elective in their Junior or Senior Year are able to participate in the DCMST’s annual Science Fair. This year, for the first time ever, our fair went virtual. Thank you to the following judges for scoring this year and giving our students some great feedback.

Kim Le Mike Blumenstein Mohamed Farhat Nada Saghir Rami Debouk

The students below were the top scorers for this year’s science fair

1st place: Malak Elayyan 2nd place: Tatiana Blurton 3rd place: Grace Boettger

the following students also had amazing projects and won honorable mention awards:

Sena Alenzi Raghd Alqadhi Maryam Hamka Sara Moughni Zeinab Zreik

All AP Research students had the opportunity to enter the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit as well. Those projects are being judged this weekend, and top scoring projects will be asked to give interviews next Wednesday, March 10th.

DCMST Hybrid Parent Letter Feb 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we plan our return to school, we are excited to see all of our DCMST students back in the building. We have worked tirelessly for a safe and smooth transition. Below is important information to keep you informed on the processes and expectations we have put in place.

COVID Screening

Each morning families are expected to take the temperature of all members of the household before a student comes to school. If any member of the household has a temperature of 100.4 or above, students should “remote in” on Zoom, not attend school physically. If students have symptoms of COVID (see attached screening tool), they should not attend school physically. They should “remote in” on Zoom.  

Return to School Phase In Schedule

Week of March 1 – 9th Graders (Class of  2024) will return for hybrid instruction at DCMST

Week of March 8 – 10th Graders (Class of  2023) return for hybrid instruction at DCMST

  • 9th graders continue to attend

Week of March 15 – 11th (Class of  2022) & 12th Graders (Class of  2021) return for hybrid instruction at DCMST

  • 9th graders continue to attend
  • 10th graders continue to attend


When we change to hybrid, the school start time at DCMST  is 8:15 am and dismissal is at 12:20pm.  See attached bell schedule (different from the high schools due to bussing–student will follow the high schools schedule when in the actual high school building).  

A Group and B Group

The purpose of the hybrid model is to minimize the number of students in the classroom/building at one time. All students will continue to be in the same classes with the same teacher on Schoology. Students who come to school will need to bring their charged computer to follow along on Zoom and Schoology. Students may want to consider bringing headphones that work with their device. The teacher will be instructing on Schoology to both students in the class and students at home. 

To do this, half of the students come each day. 

  • A Group” students (a group assigned by your high school) will come to DCMSTon Monday and Thursday. Students in this group will Zoom in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday according to the schedule.
  • “B” Group students  (a group assigned by your high school) will come to DCMST on Tuesday and Friday.  Students in this group will Zoom in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday according to the schedule. 
  • On Wednesday, all students will stay home and attend classes virtually. When your child is learning from home, they will “Zoom in” from home. Wednesdays will look like remote learning – what students are doing now.

Transportation to DCMST

The Bussing schedule is attached.  Please contact your home high school for further information. 

Students who drive themselves to DCMST must have signed permission on file.  Students may not transport other students (other than siblings) in their personal vehicle. 

VLP Students

Students who are signed up to remain virtual for the whole year will follow the same bell schedule, but will remote in each day.  Your  child will attend classes virtually from home. If you did not sign up for VLP and do not plan on your student returning to the building for this year, a parent must contact the office at their high school as soon as possible. 

There is some content in our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that must be taught face-to-face.  Some of our DCMST students take courses that are CTE classes. Some certification exams can not be given virtually.  Some assignments use software or licenses only available at the building.  Some programs don’t run on chromebooks.   Some activities require specialized equipment not available at the students’ homes.   For these, and many other reasons, when one of these assignment/projects is assigned, VLP students will be given the choice to:

  1. Attend DCMST in person for that project and complete the activity.
  2. Remain virtual and do an alternative assignment (so it doesn’t impact their grade).  However, they would not receive the certification, training, skill or other benefit of that assignment. 

It will always be the choice of the student and their parent whether or not to attend these face-to-face activities.  Your teacher will have specific information about which activities must be done in person and what alternative activities are available.  

Entry/Exit Procedures at DCMST

  • Students arriving should enter through door #1 (left of the flagpole and  the “Michael Berry Career Center” sign on the brick wall).  
  • You will proceed directly to your first class.  
  • Bathrooms are not open and you should not loiter in the hallways.
  • Students will not be allowed to enter the building without wearing their masks.  Masks must be worn correctly (covering mouth and nose, no gaps)

Classroom Set-up

  • Classroom set up is designed to provide social distancing and all students will face the same direction. 
  • Students will be assigned a seat and must sit in their assigned seat for the duration of the class for contract tracing and social distancing purposes. 


  • Bathrooms are closed during passing time, arrival and departure. 
  • Students who need to use the bathroom will be given a pass during class and will be escorted to/from the bathroom by security to insure only one person in the bathroom at a time.   


Students will be given a snack at their home high school  to eat during the fifteen minute break at 10:10-10:25. They will eat in the classroom. Students going to DCMST during the break will take the snack with them. 

  • There is no eating in any classroom
  • Drinking fountains are not available.  
  • Students are encouraged to carry a water bottle with them.  

Student (in building) Safety Expectations 

  • Masks must be worn correctly at all times
  • Students will not be allowed to congregate anytime. 
  • During passing time, students are required to walk immediately to their next class, maintain social distancing and avoid gathering/blocking traffic in the halls and stairways.  
  • If your child is choosing to break social distancing rules, or refuses to wear their mask correctly, they will need to learn virtually. This is a strict and non-negotiable rule.  

Student Materials and Chromebooks

Students must bring their charged chromebooks and supplies to school each day. Chromebooks must be fully charged at home. We do not have the capacity to charge individual chromebooks. Chromebooks should be brought to school in a student backpack and handled with care.  Students in need of a Chromebook should contact their high school to be issued one.  DCMST does not sign out Chromebooks to students.  

Sanitizing Process

All rooms used are on a sanitation schedule. All CDC recommended material and processes are available and in motion. However, the most critical safety measures are to (1) maintain social distancing, (2) keep masks on and above the nose, and (3) hand washing and sanitizing .  

Student Quarantine Room

If your child is at school and begins to feel ill, we have designated a room for your child to wait in until he/she is picked up. This room is supervised and closely monitored to assure safety measures are followed.  

What if your child is a close contact?

In the scenario that your child is considered a “close contact” to another person who has tested positive, you will be notified immediately and with specific instructions. We will not provide the names of other people involved. To prevent this from happening, your transparency is needed. Err on the side of caution – keep your child home if they are not feeling well or are running a temperature or if they have been exposed to a COVID positive person. This is the reality of our current situation. Remember, your child will not be missing instruction since they can attend virtually.  

International Travel

International Travel will require additional measures before a student can return to school.  The health department states: Upon return from international travel, an individual should self-quarantine for 7-days, and at the end of the 7-days have another COVID PCR test that needs to be negative before the individual/student returns to school. (accurate as of 2/11/2021).

Learning Labs

Learning labs will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:45-2:55. The learning labs will either be at DCMST (no bus transportation is available, students must provide their own transportation or attend virtually through ZOOM).  Students can request extra assistance from the teacher during this time.  

The teachers will also use this time to set up meetings with students to provide extra support.  


Winifred L. Green Oussama Baydoun

Principal Assistant Principal

8th grade Student Q&A Session Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Friday, February 19th, is the open Question and Answer Zoom session for any current 8th grade student that is interested in attending DCMST in the Fall. This session is meant only for students; Parents had the opportunity to ask questions at the February 10th meeting. Below is the information to log into the meeting. It will begin promptly at 2pm tomorrow and end at 3pm. If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s Zoom but still have questions, please feel free to email our lead teacher Mrs. Shawver at

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 374 474 6111
Passcode: 5P6xa6

Covid Health Screening Information

Below are links to the COVID Health Screening Tool. Parents are expected to use this tool every morning before sending their children to school.

Also, per our health officer at WCHD, “Upon return from international travel, an individual should self-quarantine for 7-days, and at the end of the 7-days have another COVID PCR test that needs to be negative before the individual/student returns to school.”

No School 2/12 – 2/15; Asynchronous Learning 2/11 and 2/16

Thursday, February 12th will be an asynchronous learning day for all students across the district due to the availability of vaccination appointments for teachers across the district. There is no school Friday, February 12th, and Monday, February 15th, due to the scheduled Mid-Winter Break. Tuesday, February 16th will be a morning asynchronous half day, so students will only have asynchronous work to do for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hours. This is to allow teachers to prepare their classrooms for in-person learning labs, which will be available for struggling students beginning next week.