Happy New Year and Final Exam Schedule

Hello All and Happy New Year,

The High School students will have a special final exam schedule on Wednesday, January 27th through Friday, January 29th.

8th graders as well as 11th and 12th graders will attend the DCMST on Wednesday, January 27th during the morning session.  The 8th graders will return to their middle schools as usual, but high school students will be released for the day at 10:05

No Students will report to DCMST on Thursday, January 28th.  We are asking that 8th graders remain at their middle schools for the day.
9th and 10th graders will attend the DCMST on Friday, January 29th during the morning session (Classes start at 7:35).  Students will be released for the day at 10:05.  We are asking that 8th graders remain at their middle schools for the day.

Parent Talk Flyer

ASC is inviting Parents to Parent Talk who are looking for evening classes. Learn communication skills that empower, encourage self-responsible behaviors, self-motivation and character development. Learn practical skills to positively Effect the social and emotional development of your children and family. CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION IS AWARDED TO PARTICIPANTS WHO COMPLETE THE COURSE.

Please click on the link below for the registration form.

ParentTalkFlyer2015-2016 Parents

Support the Goodfellows newspaper sale 

Since 1923, the Goodfellows have made it their mission to take care of needy children in Dearborn and they estimate helping 900 to 1,100 children each year. Many of those children are students in our schools.

During the holiday season the District works directly with the Goodfellows to provide them with the names of families that are in need. In return the Goodfellows provide gift packages of clothing, books, stuffed animals, and toys to boys and girls between the ages of two and 11 through out our entire city.

Look for the Goodfellows at area street corners Dec. 4 – Dec 6.

PSAT on Wednesday, October 14th

On Wednesday, October 14th, all 11th grade students will be taking the PSAT in their home school buildings during the morning.  Classes will then run like normal for 4th, 5th, and 6th hours.  This means that 9th, 10th, and 12th graders will have a half day and only attend classes in the afternoon.  9th and 10th graders may take the buses from their home school which will leave at the normal time, or they may get a ride here and arrive by 11:10.


Students attending the 8th grade @ DCMST program will be have a regular day of school. Transportation will run as usual for these students.

Open House Schedule



Monday, September 14, 2015



We will meet in teacher classrooms according to the following schedule:


Deena Parks:               D177

Jennifer Gorsline:        D172

Fatme Khanafer:         D175

Wendy Robinson:        D166

Kim Shawver:              C200

Brian Taylor:               D164E

Angelo Aquino:            C200

Tooba Mansoor:          D174

Kim Richardson:          D168

Phil McMullen:           C200


1st hour           4:00-4:15


2nd hour          4:20-4:35


3rd hour           4:40-4:55


4th hour           5:00-5:15


5th hour           5:20-5:35


6th hour           5:40-5:55


Research/Science Fair Updates

This year, the DCMST Science Fair will be held on Friday, December 12th.  Students that are currently in 10th grade research class or in an 11th or 12th grade Directed Study class should be well on their way with their projects.  By Monday, December 1st, all 10th grade students are required to have their data collected and analyzed, giving their teachers time to provide feedback before the preliminary poster boards are due, which is the following Monday, December 8th.  If you currently have a student who is in the 10th grade at DCMST, please encourage them to finish their analysis on time so that they will have the best chance at being successful at the Science Fair.  11th and 12th grade Directed Study students are not required to participate in DCMST’s science fair, but are encouraged to so that they can get feedback from judges prior to the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit, which is held at Cobo Hall in March.  The most successful 10th grade projects at our science fair will also be invited to participate in the SEFMD at Cobo Hall.

Parent Meeting: Monday November 10th 4:30-5:30 PM

Dear Parents of DCMST Students:

The staff of the DCMST would like to encourage the formation of a Parent group in order to facilitate communication between our school community members.  Similar to a PTA, this group of interested parents would ideally form a board of officers and conduct regular meetings.  We envision a collaborative group of parents, teachers, students, and stakeholders working together to support the mission of the DCMST.  Based on feedback from parent teacher conferences, we would like to schedule our first meeting for Monday, November 10, 2014 from 4:30 -5:30 pm.   We will meet in the DCMST auditorium, room D170 (aka The Orange Room). 

Thank you,

Deena Parks—Lead Teacher, DCMST

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