DCMST School News

11th Grade Courses

  • Honors Physics
    • The principles of physics, including units on mechanics, sound, electricity, magnetism and modern physics.  This course is designed to prepare students for the college-level physics which is required in engineering, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, teaching, and computer science. Note that this course goes above and beyond the State of Michigan’s High School Content Expectations.  Vectors and trigonometry are used as analytical tools. Numbers are expressed with significant figures. Scientific literacy and symbolic expression of concepts will be emphasized.
  • Accelerated Precalculus
    • This course is designed so that students will complete the Precalculus curriculum by the end of December so that students can begin Calculus (either by taking College Calculus 1 or Calculus Foundations) in January.  This course covers limits, increasing and decreasing functions, rational functions, solving and graphing equations and inequalities, advanced trigonometry, parametric and polar equations, and vectors.  Students will be assessed via tests, quizzes, and writing assignments.  There is no final exam for this course due to its accelerated nature.
  • Calculus Foundations
    • Calculus Foundations is designed to introduce students to Calculus topics at a more conservative pace.  Rather than taking the entire Calculus I course in a semester, we cover approximately the first half of Calculus I, making the transition to AP Calculus BC or Calculus I at the college much easier.  Students will learn topics such as limits, derivatives, related rates, and antiderivitives.