10th Grade Courses

  • Honors Biology
    • This full-year course covers ecology, biochemistry, cells, homeostasis, energy transformation, cell division, DNA replication & protein synthesis, genetics, and evolution & biodiversity.  Students are expected to actively participate in many types of activities ranging from online webquests to hands-on labs.  This is a fast-paced, in-depth course that will prepare students for AP Biology.
  • Honors Integrated Math 3
    • The content of this course integrates the topics of geometry, functions, statistics and trigonometry.  The focus of Semester 1 is on geometric models, transformations of graphs and data, and introductory trigonometric concepts.  The focus of semester 2 is on circular models, trigonometry, probability, and statistics.  Students will apply these concepts to problem solve a variety of mathematical, scientific and technological situations.  Technology will be emphasized throughout the course for work with graphing, analyzing data and simulating experiments.  Rather than taking a final exam at the end of each semester, this class is broken up into trimesters.  A final exam will be taken after each of the following topics are studied: Geometry, Trigonometry, and Probability/Statistics (this one will be a final project).
  • Intro to Computer Science
    • The Intro to Computer Science course is an introductory course in computer science.  This is a mandatory course for all DCMST students.  This intro course assumes no prior programming experience.  Students will study object-oriented programming and develop fundamental programming skills.  In preparation for the AP Computer Science course, Java is the language of instruction.
  • Research
    • Research is a one semester course where students will learn how to conduct a research project and enter their project in the DCMST Science fair. Development of a research question, experimental design, statistical analytical techniques and scientific literacy will be emphasized. Traditional science classroom experiments are constrained to short periods of time and to basic knowledge that has been chosen by educational authorities with a known outcome.  DCMST Research is designed to give the student the opportunity to pursue a question of their own unique interest, with an unknown outcome, in great depth, thereby producing a product of science that the student can truly call his or her own.  This product can be used as part of a student’s high school portfolio to show his or her own unique knowledge and skill in the area of science, math or technology.  DCMST students are frequently recognized by academic and governmental agencies for their unique research products and have won numerous awards, cash grants and college scholarships. Also, opportunities may exist to travel and participate in research symposia and international science fairs.
  • Beginning Fall 2018

  • AP Seminar

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