Exchange Student Opportunity


Youth for Understanding USA is looking for some local families to host high school exchange students for the next school year or semester.  Host families provide a place to live and three meals a day plus the encouragement, advice, and love to help their new family member through a semester or year in a new home. The students bring their own spending money and health insurance plus the willingness to be a good family member, follow family rules and help out with family responsibilities. All kinds of families host, with and without children of all ages. Hosting is a rewarding experience that creates lifelong connections. Hosting is real life- It’s cooking dinner together, raking leaves on Saturday morning, school activities and homework, holiday preparations, some rainy afternoons, days together of work, school, chores, family life, worship… Seen through the fresh eyes of someone new, it all takes on a new significance. Please get in touch with us, if you would like to see if hosting (or sending a student on exchange) might be right for your family. Call Debbie Bledsoe at 248-468-9108 or email or visit (where you can see specific students who are arriving in August).

STUDY ABROAD – Scholarships available.

As a YFU student, you’ll become a part of a host family, appreciate the nuances of a foreign language, and test your confidence in new situations. YFU’s study abroad programs transform who you are and permanently change the way you see the world. YFU study abroad programs are for you if you’re a U.S. high school student or recent graduate and want to experience another part of the world. Choose from a year, semester, summer program or classroom excursion that allow you to immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language and live with a host family who will open their home and hearts to you.



Study Abroad:


Telephone: 1.800.TEENAGE (833-6243)

DCMST is hosting a Shadow a Student Day for Fall 2019

DCMST is now recruiting qualified high school students for Fall, 2019 that are currently in grades 9 – 11.


When?   Friday, March 22, 2019

Who is invited?   Dearborn Schools students currently in grades 9-11

Pre-registration is required!  Please complete this Google Form.  Qualified students will receive an email invitation.

Transportation? Guests may ride the DPS bus from their home high school.  Students attending the afternoon session will be back before school is released.

Morning session for students in grades 10 & 11:   7:35 – 10:15 am

Afternoon session for students in grade 9:  10:15 am – 1:55 pm

Order your DCMST t-shirts!

We are now taking orders for this year’s DCMST shirt sale!  Congratulations to Malk Shukr for this year’s winning design.  If you are interested in ordering, please see a teacher to get an order form, or print the attached form yourself.  All forms and payment must be submitted to Mrs. Gorsline by Friday, October 5th.  Please make all checks out to Dearborn Public Schools Activity Fund #453.









DCMST 2018 shirt order form

2018-19 Legal Announcements Now Available

The law requires the Dearborn Public Schools to provide parents or guardians a set of legal announcements containing information on laws pertaining to students and parents. All parents and guardians are encouraged to take a moment and review the document. The updated version of these announcements is now available on the district website.

Parents wishing to review a hard copy of the Legal Notices can also visit any Dearborn Public School or the Administrative Service Center, 18700 Audette to pick up a copy.

If you have any questions or comments, please call the Communications Office at 827-3006.

DCMST Final Exam Schedule

Here is the list of when DCMST Finals will be taking place.

Wednesday, June 6 – 10th grade Biology Final – All afternoon

Thursday, June 7 – 9th grade Integrated Math 2 Final – All Afternoon

Friday, June 8 – 11th grade Physics Final – All Morning

Friday, June 8 – 9th & 10th grade Computer Science Final – All Afternoon

Monday, June 11 – 9th grade Chemistry Final – All Afternoon


Below is the schedule of where students should be during the last three days of school which are all half days:

Tuesday, June 12 – 11th graders report to DCMST.  Students released at 10 AM.  9th and 10th graders attend home high school.

Wednesday, June 13 – 9th & 10th graders report to DCMST.  Students released at 10 AM.  11th graders attend home high school.

Thursday, June 14 – All students attend home school.  No students should report to DCMST.

Lockdown: September 25

September 25, 2017

Dear Parents,


As part of our ongoing effort to keep an open line of communication with our parents, I would like to take a moment to share information with you regarding an incident that occurred today in our neighborhood.   

Early this afternoon, Dearborn Police notified us that there was a police situation in the vicinity of our school. As a precautionary measure the police recommended that all students remain inside and all external doors secured. Supported by Central Office staff we followed these recommendations in order to maintain a safe school environment.  All students were dismissed as scheduled without incident.

I would like to be clear that at no time were any students or staff in danger. The incident in the neighborhood did not involve our school and the actions that we took were precautionary in nature.

At The Heights Campus we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for all of our students.  By working together and keeping an open line of communication we can ensure that our students, your children, will remain safe at school.  


Winifred L. Green, Ed.D. and Oussama Baydoun

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