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Kim Shawver

Kim Shawver has been a member of the math and computer science departments at DCMST since 2004.  Prior to this, she was employed as a Technical Specialist and Product Development Engineer at Ford Motor Company for 12 years.  Mrs. Shawver has taught a variety of math and computer science courses at the center.  Mrs. Shawver is married and has two daughters, a dog, and a guinea pig.  In her spare time, she can be found exercising, reading, writing, walking her dog, or gardening.  You can contact Mrs. Shawver by emailing her at .  You can subscribe to Mrs. Shawver’s Blog and see her weekly syllabus at

2 thoughts on “Kim Shawver”

  1. Good Afternoon,

    This is our first time contacting each other but hopefully isn’t our last. My name Is Ilyas Kady, I go to Unis Middle School and an Algebra 1 student. I was told that their was going to be a meeting at the 18th of February. Although I was informed with this information on the website it Says there is going to be a meeting tomorrow at February 19th. I just wanted a clarification since after Contacting the Office Of DCMST and the Assistant I was told to contact you. Assuming that it may have been rescheduled I wait until you Reply. Thank you for your time, and have a Great Afternoon.

    Ilyas Kady

    • Hello this is Mrs. Gorsline, I moderate our website. The meeting is tomorrow. It was a mistake that was posted on this page. Please subscribe to our blog on our News Feed page to keep up to date on our information.


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