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Howe Closed October 11 – 15; Does not affect DCMST


Our district, and our school, has been able to maintain a safe learning environment for our students and staff by following the district’s established COVID 19 protocols.  I want to take just a moment to share with you information regarding a safety measure being implemented next week for students attending the Howe Montessori and Howe Special Education program.  

Beginning on Monday, October 11th and continuing through Friday, October 15th students and staff in the Howe Montessori and Howe Special Education program will not be attending school in person. This is a precautionary measure being taken by the district to protect students who may be more at risk of contracting COVID 19 due to preexisting conditions.  There have been 7 cases reported at Howe but they are not connected and did not contract COVID while on school property.  Again, this measure is being done to protect the wellbeing of our students and as a proactive measure to mitigate possible further spread.   

I am sharing this information with all of you so that you will have accurate details as to why the district is taking these precautionary measures. Again, this is a voluntary pause to in-person instruction and is not part of any mandated closure.  I also want to be clear that this does not impact students who attend the Berry Center, DCMST, Magnet, and the STEM Middle School. Our students will continue to attend in-person instruction next week. 

If you have concerns or questions please contact our office at (313) 827-4800.  

The past 18 months have taught us that we must be flexible and supportive as we continue to work through the complexities brought on by COVID-19.   By working together, keeping an open line of communication, and continuing to follow our layered approach to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 we will continue to provide all students with a safe learning environment.


Winifred Green, ED.D.


Berry Center/DCMST/STEM Middle School