DCMST School News

Dearborn Virtual School

Dearborn Public Schools is proud to offer students in our district the chance to learn online from home through our own Virtual K-12 School. As the name implies, this school is open to students in kindergarten through 12th grade who want to attend school online only. Students will be taught live all-day, every day by Dearborn Public School teachers in a virtual classroom with other online-only students. Classes will follow Dearborn Public Schools curriculum, class times and calendar. The program is only open to students living in the Dearborn Public Schools district. Students who transfer to or enroll in the Virtual K-12 School are committing to the program for the entire school year. This program is nothing like the virtual school that happened this year.

Parents need to register students for the new school by June 8, 2021.   Transfers into the program will be handled by each school building. If you are interested you need to contact your child’s home high school to be transferred.

DCMST will not be offering any of our classes virtually next year. If you choose to transfer your child to the virtual school, they will still be expected to attend DCMST classes in person.

Zoom meetings to explain the program to parents are happening often. To learn more about the program, please visit the Virtual K12 website at  vk12.dearbornschools.org