DCMST School News

Congratulations to the School Top-Scorers on the AMC test!

This year, for the first time, the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) was given online. 60 DCMST students participated (30 for the AMC 10 and 30 for the AMC 12). No students this year qualified for the AIME (part 2 of the competition), but we want to congratulate the top scorers from our school.

AMC 12 Score

Jad Habab 81.0

Glen Warren 78.0

Afif Jawad 70.5

AMC 10 Score

Latifa Mekled 67.5

Ali Anasri 61.5

Rawan Fakih 61.5

Adam Abduljabbar 61.5

Any other students that would like to know their score should contact Mrs. Gorsline.