DCMST School News

Materials Drop-off/Distribution and 9th/10th grade Orientation

DCMST will be having a materials drop-off/distribution NEXT WEEK. 10th-12th graders must bring books from last year and all students will be picking up new ones. The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, September 9th: 9-9:45 AM Seniors, 10-10:45 AM Juniors
Thursday September 10th: 9-9:45 AM Sophomores, 10-10:45 AM Freshmen
This will be a drive-through operation. There will be tables set up on the sidewalk to the left of the DCSMT doors. Cars should line up following the arrows marked on the ground. If your child dropped off their books at their home school in the Spring, please let us know when you come and tell us what books were dropped off.

DCMST will be having a live Zoom Orientation for both the 9th and 10th graders at noon on Wednesday, September 9th. Links will be posted on Remind on Tuesday.