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Schoology Update!

Schoology will be available for students Monday morning. They will sign in using Google (Dearborn Account).
To sign into a Chromebook, students use their district credentials: – User Name = Student Number- Password = whatever they set it as last year, we did NOT change any passwords. New students will have their passwords set to their birthday (MMDDYYYY) as per MiStar.
Students can access Schoology from the Student Portal on the district web site.

*Students using district issued Chromebooks will have two tabs open upon start up, the district student portal page AND the Schoology page.

New Announcement!

DCMST students & parents:  Please look for information from your DCMST teachers via Schoology, Remind,  and/or email this week.  We will plan to do our 9th & 10th grade orientation meetings via Zoom the following week.  Stay tuned for more information!

Welcome Back

August 28, 2020


We are more than excited to have you back for another adventure and unpredictable journey through our 2020 – 2021 school year.  The Dearborn Heights teachers and administrators are working hard to get ready for this unprecedented school year.

We understand that unknowns create a great deal of anxiety and stress for our students and families, but we want to assure you that we are here to guide you through any difficult process or bumps in the road. We ask that you remain patient and work with us as we all navigate through the first week of school. Our plan is to introduce you to our new platform of learning and communication through Schoology. This is also new to us and we have been working diligently to learn all that we can before the first day of school. 

Our commitment is to review and teach expectations, to establish norms, to explain schedules for virtual learning, and to introduce our new learning platform (Schoology) in the first week or two of school.  We are absolutely committed to making this year a positive journey; regardless if we are face-to-face or online. We appreciate every student and recognize every parent’s vote of confidence in having us care for their child. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Our hope is that you will communicate with your teachers as we roll into the school year. We anticipate some difficulties and/or challenges and know that we will be available within the structure of the school day to address any concerns you may have. 

Welcome back and we can not wait to see you all!

Dr. Winifred Green – Principal                                Mr. Oussama Baydoun – Assistant Principal

DCMST September Calendar

Virtual/Remote High School Schedule

A DayB Day
Asynchronous Learning: IndependentPractice8:15-9:10am4th hour -Independent practice with available support8:15-9:10am1st hour -Independent practice with available support
9:15-10:10am5th hour -Independent practice with available support9:15-10:10am2nd hour -Independent practice with available support
10:15-11:10am6th hour – Independent practice with available support10:15-11:10am3rd hour -Independent practice with available support
Synchronous Learning:Live Virtual Zoom Session12-1pm1st hour -Live Virtual Instruction (Zoom)12-1pm4th  hour -Live Virtual Instruction (Zoom)
1:05-2:05pm2nd hour -Live Virtual Instruction (Zoom)1:05-2:05pm5th hour -Live Virtual Instruction (Zoom)
2:10-3:10pm3rd hour -Live Virtual Instruction (Zoom)2:10-3:10pm6th hour -Live Virtual Instruction (Zoom)

Welcome back to school!

We will be following the district plan with alternating days and am/pm for synchronous & asynchronous learning.  Students will participate in DCMST classes the same way that they will participate in their home high school classes. Information will be shared on social media as it becomes available. 

Attention Students Not Participating in Remote Learning Posted on May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020

To the Parent/Guardian of:

During the Continuity of Learning Plan implementation, we would like to continue to partner with parents to support each student.   The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your child may be struggling with his/her schoolwork.   Within the first month of our Continuity of Learning Plan implementation, your child has failed to submit assignments and/or engage in learning and is in jeopardy of receiving no credit. Your child must earn 23 credits and complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum to graduate.  If your child is a senior, his/her last day to complete work is May 21st, 2020.  

 If he/she fails to earn credit, your child must complete credit recovery coursework this summer.   There is tuition to participate in this summer school program.

I urge you to use parent connect and teacher blogs to closely monitor your child’s progress each day.  Parent connect will show you what your child has not completed.  Each student is generally expected  to spend 20 minutes per academic class on a daily basis in preparation for class the following day.  

Please contact your school teacher/counselor, to discuss challenges and/or request additional support.  If your family is experiencing a hardship preventing your child from engaging in the learning, please contact me (INSERT CONTACT INFORMATION HERE)  as soon as possible.   

Together, we can help your child be successful.



High School

High School Assessment and Grading Guidelines 

Individual teachers will be responsible for assessing student progress and providing feedback.  Assignments will be graded and entered in MiStar.  Work completed prior to April 20th that demonstrates a student’s mastery of learning will count toward his/her grade.

  • High School letter grades for this time (A, G, N)  will be used  to assess student progress toward mastery 
  • G= Credit, does not impact grade point average
  • N= No credit, does not impact grade point average but does require credit recovery.  
  • Grades will be available in parent/student connect for parents and students to view.
  • In the event that a student experiences a family hardship or cannot complete work due to situations out of their control, please contact your child’s teacher and administrator. 
  • Students who receive no credit will be required to pay for and attend credit recovery courses.
  • There is a district appeal process for a student contesting their 6th marking period grade.

Please contact your teacher or building principal if you have any questions about this grading procedure or need further information.

١٥  أيار ٢٠٢٠ ‏

إلى ولي أمر أو الوصي القانوني للطالب: ‏

خلال تنفيذ خطة استمرارية التعلم ، نود الاستمرار في الشراكة مع أولياء الأمور لدعم كل طالب. الغرض من هذه الرسالة ‏هو إخبارك بأنه من الممكن أن يواجه طفلك الصعوبات في واجباته المدرسية. خلال الشهر الأول من تنفيذ خطة استمرارية ‏التعلم ، فشل طفلك في تقديم أو/ والانخراط والمشاركة في التعلم وهو في خطر عدم تلقي أي ائتمان دراسي. يجب أن ‏يحصل طفلك على ٢٣  ساعة ائتمان دراسي معتمدة وأن يكمل منهج ميشيغان لاستحقاق التخرج. إذا كان طفلك من خريجي ‏هذا العام ، فإن آخر يوم لإكمال الواجبات المطلوبة هو٢١ أيار/ مايو ٢٠٢٠ .‏‎  ‎

إذا فشل/ فشلت في الحصول على إي ائتمان ، يجب على طفلك إكمال دورة استرداد الائتمان هذا الصيف. هناك رسوم ‏للمشاركة في برنامج المدرسة الصيفية.‏

أحثكم على استخدام رابط تواصل الوالدين ومدونات المعلمين يومياً لمراقبة تقدم طفلك عن كثب. سيوضح لكم رابط الأهل ‏‏(‏Parent Connect‏) ما لم يكمله طفلك وستخبرك مدونات المدرسين بالواجبات المنزلية التي تم تعيينها. من المتوقع ‏بشكل عام أن يقضي كل طالب ٢٠  دقيقة في الدراسة لكل مادة دراسية يوميًا استعدادًا للصف في اليوم التالي. ‏‎  ‎

يرجى الاتصال بمعلم / مستشار مدرستك لمناقشة هذه القضية أو طلب مساعدة إضافية. إذا كانت عائلتك تعاني من مشقة ‏تمنع طفلك من الانخراط في التعلم ، يرجى الاتصال بي على(ادخل معلومات الاتصال هنا) في أقرب وقت ممكن. ‏‎   ‎

معًا ، يمكننا مساعدة طفلك على النجاح.‏


‏ المدير

المدرسة الثانوية

معايير تقييمات المرحلة الثانوية ‏

تقع على عاتق المعلمين مسؤولية تقييم وتقدير تقدم الطلاب ورفدهم بالملاحظات والتعليقات. سيتم تصحيح الواجبات ‏وإدخالها في سجل علامات الطالب الإلكتروني على موقع ‏MiStar‏. سيتم إضافة علامات الأعمال التي بينت إتقان الطالب ‏للمادة / المهارة المُدرّسة والتي أتمها الطلاب قبل٢٠  نيسان أبريل إلى سجل علاماتهم.‏

‏●‏ سيتم استخدام الأحرف التقييمية التالية ( ‏A-G-N‏) لتحديد العلامات التي تعبر عن درجة إتقان الطالب للمهارات ‏المُدرّسة خلال ذلك الوقت. ‏

        ‏●‏ G‏ = ائتمان ، لا يؤثر على المعدل المتوسط للعلامات ‏

        ‏●‏ N‏ = لا يوجد ائتمان ، يؤثر على المعدل المتوسط للعلامات ولكنه يتطلب استرداد الائتمان. (أي أعادة ‏الصف خلال الصيف أو بعد الدوام المدرسي)‏

‏●‏ ستكون هذه العلامات متاحةً عبر رابط الوالدين / الطالب ليتمكن الوالدان والطلاب من مشاهدتها.‏

‏●‏ في حال تعرض الطالب لصعوبات عائلية ومواقف خارجة عن إرادته تمنعه من إكمال الواجبات الرجاء الاتصال ‏بمعلم الطالب أو المدير

‏●‏ يجب على الطلاب الراسبين في أي من المواد الدراسية دفع رسوم التسجيل لتتمكن من أخذ صفوف استرداد ‏الائتمان الدراسي.‏

‏●‏ ‏‏لدى القطاع عملية للاعتراض على علامة معينة يمكن اللجوء إليها لتحدي هذه العلامة وإثبات عدم صحتها في ‏الفترة التقيمية السادسة.‏

نرجو إذا كانت لديكم أي أسئلة حول إجراءات وضع العلامات هذا أو تحتاجون إلى مزيد من المعلومات الاتصال بمعلم ‏الطالب أو مدير المبنى.‏

UM-Dearborn Young Naturalist Program to Start Soon!

Featuring exciting monthly outdoor explorations from October through June, this popular program for 9-12 year-olds is now in its 25th year! Science-oriented program topics include Insects and Spiders, Maple Syruping, Birds and Migration, Pond Life, Owls, Animal Tracking, Trees and Wildflowers, and more. This program is intended for children who have a keen interest in exploring nature with their peers, within a mutually supportive learning environment. The program fee is $70. Participants are expected to attend all or most of the program sessions. Each child will be provided with a field pack, nature journal and field guides, which will be theirs to keep. Except for the November owling session, which is on a Friday evening, all the program sessions take place on Saturdays, from 9:30AM-12:00PM. To register for the program, go to…the registration deadline is September 25. 

Program sessions are led by experienced EIC naturalists.

Program session dates (Saturdays 9:30AM-12PM): October 5; December 7; January 18; February 15; March 7; April 18; May 9; June 6. The owl prowl session will take place from 6-9PM on Friday, November 8.  

The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 7. To register a child for the program, go to the link below. The registration deadline is October 1.

If you have additional questions, please contact RIck Simek, the Young Naturalist Program Coordinator, at (313) 583-6371. 

Find TI Nspires on sale at Back to School Sales

Parents of incoming Freshmen! There are some deals on TI Nspires right now both in stores and online. Don’t wait to buy because students will need their calculators the first week of school! Any model is ok, it does NOT have to look exactly like the pictures in the packet. In fact, a brand new model was just released last month so feel free to get the best and brightest model! However, it is also fine to buy one of the older models, which you can even find used on Amazon or EBay for a great price. Please do not get a TI-84 for your students. While they will work fine and are good calculators, we teach students how to use the TI Nspires specifically to the best of their ability so they can be successful on all standardized tests. Below is a link to Amazon to find both new and used TI Nspires, however you can also find them at Staples, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, and Meijer as well as other stores both online and in store. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Gorsline at